Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas in California

Christmas decorations. Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Looking West.  1984

Somehat unimpressive daytime view of DWP Christmas Tree Lane Griffith Park/Los Feliz
Christmas Tree construction at Los Feliz Fountain at Griffith Park

Greeting Snowman.  DWP Christmas Tree Lane Griffith Park/Los Feliz

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Celebrity Sightings

Even a she-beast has to watch her figure.
The Bride of Frankenstein considers her healthy food options at a Fresh and Easy market in Hollywood
Off-season Santa Claus abandons the cold of the North Pole and settles into a modest home in Hollywood. The newly installed satellite dish assures of an entertainment-filled downtime until December 25th!
Flipper: The Retirement Years
Lady Liberty's shorter (about 30 ft), fatter sister, lives in El Monte, California and can usually be seen outside of the city's Civic Center. If the weather is good.

One of the stars from ABC's hit 2011 TV show "Pan Am" was so excited at the show's unexpected leap in ratings, she literally jumped out of her costume. That moment is commemorated in this bus shelter ad in West Hollywood, Ca,

After the flop release of their debut film "Doctor Dolittle" in 1968, beloved Hollywood power-couple, The Pushmi-Pullyu, soon divorced. Here is Pushmi (or Pullyu) at his retirement home in Chowchilla, Ca.