Friday, July 31, 2009

Royal* Jelly Donuts

Apparently the reign of Donut King I was so polular, the kingdom of Gardena, Ca. was granted a Donut King II. Perhaps things would have worked out differently for Marie Antionette had she declared, "Let them eat donuts!"

*Post was originally titled "Royal Jelly Donuts" just for its obvious and cringe-worthy pun benefit.
However, Kathy Ketter wrote in to inform me that by way of the wildest coincidence, one of the site's original 1955 co-founders (when it was known as The Big DoNut Drive-In ... a chain of some 10 Southern California locations, 5 of which remain today) was a fellow named ROYAL STEARNS!
So what do you know? I'm apparently wittier than I thought and clairvoyant to boot :-)
I'm glad these great-looking dount stands still exist. A big thanks to Kathy Ketter (Stearn's granddaughter) for the info, and thanks to Royal Stearns and partner Russell Wendell for such an enduringly iconic L.A. location!

Teutonic Take-Out

Located at 833 W. Torrence Blvd. in Torrence, Ca., The Alpine Village is a shopping mall, a wedding venue, a dance hall, a restaurant, and a year-'round photo-op. Home to the annual Oktoberfest (a seven week attraction!) and the only place I know where you can find lederhosen in adult sizes...just in time for that next "The Sound of Music" sing-along.

Chinatown, My Chinatown

Hop Louie's Restaurant
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