Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Valley of the Barbie Dolls: To the Mathmos Edition

Number 2 in a series of original Barbie Doll art pieces by Los Angeles artist, Bruce Zwinge, paying tribute to Hollywood sex symbols.
Barbie as Barbarella (Jane Fonda)
Based on the sexy French comic book by Jean-Claude Forrest, the 1968 film "Barbarella" starred Jane Fonda as the space-age heroine. In this recreation of the iconic Jacques Fonteray costume Fonda wears during her trip to the Labyrinth, artist Bruce Zwinge captures all of the futuristic pop/60s details: gartered thigh boots, fringed-rear skirt, and provocatively placed energy box.
Zwinge reconfigured Barbie's hair into a mammoth 60s mane, and her makeup was redone (darker eyes, paler lips) to reflect Fonda's look in the film.
Artist Bruce Zwinge recreated Barbarella's space-age weaponry and wrist-bracelet tongue box
 Jane Fonda as Barbarella

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