Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 My Alma Mater, The San Francisco Art Institute in the Russian Hill area of San Francisco, CA.
There I majored in film and enrolled in a class taught by Angela Davis.
My 2nd Alma Mater: The Dupree Dance Academy on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. The studio, which no longer exists, was founded by Roland Dupree and was the center of professional dance in L.A. during the 70s and 80s. 
Site of my first "show biz" job: The El Cid Flamenco Club in Silverlake, California.
Formerly the site of a D.W. Griffith studio, in 1950 it became the Cabaret Concert Theater. In 1961 it was remodeled and became the El Cid, longtime home of world-famous flamenco dance acts and Jennifer Stace's all-female pop & lock dance troupe, "The L.A. Knockers" (for whom Iwork. I ran the follow spot and pulled the curtain...usually too slowly).

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